Postdoctoral Research Associate (three posts) Project Summary
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Project title: Investigation of the unique role of non-coding RNAs during endothelial cells differentiation from induced-pluripotent stem cells to treat endothelial cell dysfunction in diabetic complications and cardiovascular disease. The project is based on the remarkable technology of iPS cells to be used as a model to identify new treatments for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
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For details see Email:, if interested. Applications are invited for a 3-year, fully-funded PhD studentship with Dr Paola Campagnolo in the Section of Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Surrey, Guildford. This PhD position starts in October 2017 and is based primarily in the laboratory of Dr Paola Campagnolo in collaboration with the Section of Virology and the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.
Dr Gilles PAGES,  President of the French Society of Angiogenesis wishes to create links with EVBO so we invite you to check out the web site and watch this space for further updates.
Cardiovascular Gene Annotation Initiative Providing annotation to genes associated with cardiovascular processes      
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